Infamous Bankruptcy Myths Debunked by Leading San Diego Bankruptcy Lawyer Group

July 18

Filing for bankruptcy is a huge step for any individual, and can put you in an awkward and unpleasant situation. A lot of myths perpetuated by those who understand little about how bankruptcy works via the internet are certainly not making it easier for individuals who need to take this huge step in their lives. […]

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Have You Been Served by a Debt Collector? Win the Lawsuit with the Help of a Bankruptcy Attorney in San Diego!

June 22

Being sued by a debt collector can be a stressful experience for those who’ve never been served anything but parking tickets. This can be a potentially intimidating situation, and it is important to keep it straight and know your rights and your options if you ever find yourself in these shoes. As the leading bankruptcy […]

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Bankruptcy Lawyer in San Diego Comments on Proposed Tax Reforms and What They Mean For You

June 14

When you step into the voting booth for this year’s presidential elections, think of the consequences your vote carries with it. Whether you choose this side or the other, be mindful of how the next president’s program will affect you. While the candidates paint an idealistic picture of how their program will impact the system, […]

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Can I Keep My Car If I File For Bankruptcy? Ask An Experienced San Diego Bankruptcy Attorney!

May 5

Personal vehicles: Luxury or necessity? Filing for bankruptcy is a stressful process, and the most stressful part of it is deciding how to handle your personal properties and any debts you might still have. One of those possessions is most definitely your vehicle, as you may not be able to pay off the debt on […]

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