3 Ways the Fed Affects Your Credit Card

October 7

Everybody has been feeling the effects of inflation. We’re all earning less and spending more with no end in sight. Do what you can and stay informed, learn about how the Fed’s fight against inflation affects you and your credit card, and understand your options. If your credit card debt is too much to handle […]

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4 Common Questions on Car Repossession

August 18

If you’re facing car repossession, it’s essential to gather as much information as possible by asking the right questions. The best way to inform yourself about the details of car repossession and the methods you can implement to avoid it is to hire reputable bankruptcy lawyers from Chula Vista, CA, and allow them to deal […]

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5 Tips on Avoiding Repossession

August 18

In these tough times, it’s become common to miss a deadline or two when it comes to bills. However, not getting a handle on your loan payments means facing inevitable repossession. Luckily, this doesn’t have to be the case if you have the right information and know your options. Find the right solution for your […]

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Assets Creditors Can & Cannot Repossess

July 25

If you’re behind on payments, you might be starting to worry about creditors coming to repossess your property, most commonly your car. However, your creditors can’t take away all your assets, so it’s worth knowing what they can and cannot do in order to protect yourself and your property from unfounded seizure attempts. However, if […]

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