How are Student Loans Treated in a Bankruptcy Case

March 30

Although higher education is available nationwide, not everyone can afford its inherent costs. Some families cannot afford to buy books and to pay for things like living costs, fees, tuition and other expenses. That’s why many families turn to student loans to provide the much needed financial aid. Student loans are easily available and have […]

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How To Avoid Your Case Being Mistaken for a Bankruptcy Fraud

March 23

Most people filing for bankruptcy are honest, hard-working citizens caught in an unpleasant financial situation. However, there are also those looking to abuse the laws and find loopholes that will benefit their selfish goals. People who often try to abuse the law this way usually end up in debt through fraudulent acts. To get out […]

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Five Bankruptcy Mistakes That Could Cost You Your Case

February 9

Filing for bankruptcy could help get you out of a tight financial situation and get you back on track after a major debt. But it could backfire just as easily. Similar to other legal cases, filing for bankruptcy means following specific procedures and meeting certain requirements before the court decides to discharge your debt. One […]

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Self-Employed Individuals Can File For Bankruptcy Too!

January 30

Being your own boss can have numerous advantages. You can influence when you receive income, have a wider range of retirement saving options, you have more influence over expense deductions and more. But it can also be incredibly expensive. There are many aspects to consider, such as overhead costs, payrolls and marketing. Self-employed individuals often […]

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