The Roles of a Bankruptcy Trustee

September 19

The bankruptcy process can seem complicated to anyone filing. Many people do not understand the process and with all the false information around, it can be hard to distinguish fact from fiction. This can discourage most people from filing for bankruptcy or seeking a professional bankruptcy lawyer in San Diego. In an attempt to shed […]

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How Does Filing for Bankruptcy Affect Your Rent?

September 9

People looking for a professional bankruptcy attorney in San Diego are worried about this particular thing: what happens to tenants and the rent they pay after they’ve filed for bankruptcy? This question interests both the panicking occupants who are not sure if they will be able to keep paying for their rent or end up […]

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How to Plan your Summer after Bankruptcy

August 10

Filing for bankruptcy can be a difficult period to cope with, especially if you do so during the summer. Your friends have been posting pictures of their lush vacations or expensive events all over their Snapchat and Instagram accounts while you have been feeling defeated and in a financial dead alley. And there’s still a […]

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Infamous Bankruptcy Myths Debunked by Leading San Diego Bankruptcy Lawyer Group

July 18

Filing for bankruptcy is a huge step for any individual, and can put you in an awkward and unpleasant situation. A lot of myths perpetuated by those who understand little about how bankruptcy works via the internet are certainly not making it easier for individuals who need to take this huge step in their lives. […]

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