Essential Information on Repossession

July 25

Repossession is a dreaded occurrence, and rightfully so. Encountering an individual who’s come to take away your property is tough and we can only sympathize. Knowing when and who can repossess your property will help you prevent potentially unlawful attempts. Oh, and when you stop them, be quick to hire a bankruptcy lawyer in Chula […]

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3 Common Means Test Mistakes

April 26

Taking the means test is the common starting point for the two most common types of bankruptcies individuals file. However, it’s also the place where most people make mistakes, negatively affecting their chances of a successful process. The best way to avoid the common pitfalls is to hire renowned bankruptcy lawyers in Rancho Bernardo, CA […]

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3 Different Types of Debt in Bankruptcy

April 26

Facing bankruptcy can be a frightening experience for most individuals, although there’s no reason for it to be. Bankruptcy represents a fresh financial start and you should do your best to look at it like that. However, before you hire an expert bankruptcy lawyer in Rancho Bernardo, why not do some preliminary research on your […]

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Chapter 7 or Chapter 13: Which One Is for You?

March 28

Deciding to file for bankruptcy is a great decision if you’re finding yourself in serious financial trouble. Bankruptcy frees you from much of your debt, grants you the opportunity to pay off the remainder of your debt, and gives you a chance to start over fresh. However, when the time comes to hire experienced bankruptcy […]

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