Should I Reaffirm My Debts After Bankruptcy?

November 1

When it comes to debt reaffirmation in a bankruptcy case, bankruptcy attorneys in Carlsbad advise caution, emphasizing the need for a proper legal advice. Debt reaffirmation has its pros and cons, which should be weighted depending on the situation, but always objectively and with utmost care. Contact a trusted, affordable bankruptcy attorney, to make sure […]

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What Is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

October 29

Bankruptcy is most commonly comprehended as a hopeless situation which leaves the debtor’s property up for grabs, and the debtor himself vulnerable and exposed before the creditors. Luckily, thanks to the Bankruptcy Code, the reality is much brighter. The Bankruptcy Code is a set of federal laws divided into several Chapters, and one of them […]

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What Should I Do if My Creditors Call Me after Bankruptcy?

October 29

When your finances run uncontrollably ahead of you, it’s time to bring everything to a standstill and evaluate the situation. You took the time to think and realized you are unable to repay all the debts. So you made the call to file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy, however, is a complex matter, and you have probably […]

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Chapter 13 Dismissal: Can I File Bankruptcy Again?

September 6

Realizing the need to file for bankruptcy falls hard on any debtor. Filing for a bankruptcy plan is a complex matter, as there are many court orders to be followed and a lot of paperwork to be delivered, while a debtor must miss no detail in the process. It can get quite stressful, and even […]

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