Avoiding Truck Accidents in Boulder

Avoiding Truck Accidents: A Quick Guide

Did you know that in 2015, a trucking accident on the average costs around $148,279, and one that involves a fatality would run up to $7,633,600?

These figures exclude costs the trucking company would incur from negative PR. But more of all, no amount of money can ever replace a human life.

This is why trucking companies, and the trucking industry as a whole, are doing everything they can to control the occurrence of accidents. But they should not carry the burden alone. All drivers will have to share the road with trucks at least once, and we all know, there are no winners in a vehicular accidents.

Boulder personal injury lawyer Todd Tenge believes that educating drivers will greatly help bring down the number of accidents, so his law firm came up with an infographic called “How To Avoid Truck Accidents: A Visual Guide On Truck Safety”. The infographic and other accident and personal injury information can also be found in the Tenge Law Firm blog.

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