Any reliable bankruptcy attorney in Santee will tell you that filing for bankruptcy, although it sounds unpleasant, sometimes can be the only way to get a proper hold of your financial situation. Worrying about the effect bankruptcy can have on your career is perfectly understandable, especially if you’re filing for bankruptcy as a military member and you need all the information about Chapter 13 inner workings. Here are several instructions to help you in your job hunt after declaring bankruptcy.

Do bankruptcies show up on background checks?

Background checks are a common way for employers to learn more about a job applicant even before the first interview is scheduled. These checks are conducted to provide information about a potential employee’s identity and previous work experience, but can also include checks that focus on education and criminal records as well.

Some employers will only check criminal records and won’t ask to look into your credit report. In cases such as this, your bankruptcy will not be discovered. However, for some employees, proving your financial stability and responsibility is also an important factor. For example, you can surely expect credit report checks if you’re applying for a position that requires working with money.

Special laws and regulations

It’s every employer’s right to conduct background checks in order to reach a decision about a prospective candidate. However, there are several states (including California, Illinois, and Nevada, and the cities of Chicago, Philadelphia and New York City) that have passed specific laws which restrict the use of credit reports for employment purposes.

Will filing bankruptcy affect my security clearance?

When it comes to considering a hit on your security clearance, in a certain way, bankruptcy can make you appear as less of a security risk than having a debt you can’t effectively handle. It’s more about how you address your financial issues, and filing for bankruptcy under a watchful eye of an experienced, reliable legal representative can make your case look a lot better before the commission.

Taking the U.S. Defence Security Service guidelines into consideration, it becomes evident that bankruptcy itself can be less of a problem for your security clearance than a reason why you filed it in the first place. If your bankruptcy is a result of one-time financial hardship, such as divorce, for example, it doesn’t necessarily make you an irresponsible person unable to deal with their finances.

If your bankruptcy filing is, however, in any way related to fraud, direct irresponsibility, history of financial difficulties, or criminal behavior, commissions might likely dismiss you as a candidate who’s not reliable and trustworthy.

Can you get a job after filing Chapter 7?

Not getting a job you want just because a potential employer got a hold of your bankruptcy information isn’t something that’s bound to happen. However, make sure to prepare for your first interview well, as you’ll probably be asked to provide some context about your financial history.

If you suspect an employer decided not to hire you because of your credit report, reach out and inquire about the company’s concerns in regard to your bankruptcy. Perhaps some additional clarifications can make a meaningful difference in a given situation.

Renowned Santee bankruptcy experts are here to offer a hand

Job hunts are demanding and stressful, and worrying about your credit report won’t make the situation any easier. However, it’s good to know that a former or active bankruptcy doesn’t have to be a stumbling block in your attempts to develop your career.

Finding a reliable bankruptcy attorney in Santee will help you understand your position better, and renowned bankruptcy lawyers Chang & Diamond are here to assist and provide answers to common questions about bankruptcy.

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