After filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy with the professional help of your Chula Vista bankruptcy lawyer, the outcome you are looking forward to is bankruptcy discharge. However, what does actually happen after bankruptcy discharge, and how does the timeline of the entire process look? Here are a few vital pieces of information you should keep in mind while your case is being processed.

What is a bankruptcy discharge date?

The most common bankruptcy aspects debtors inquire about at the beginning of their processings are usually “Do I need to hire a bankruptcy lawyer?” and “What can a bankruptcy representative do for me?”. However, as the case progresses and leads to a positive conclusion, debtors start asking about other phases of the process as well.

Bankruptcy discharge date is the day and time when you officially receive your discharge papers. However, this date does not occur at the same time, nor represents the same thing in cases of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Chapter 7 allows immediate discharge of all debts at the cost of liquidation of certain liabilities, while in the case of Chapter 13, a debtor is asked to repay their debt in monthly installments, as a part of a 3 to 5-year repayment plan.

How long does it take for bankruptcy to discharge?

When it comes to the expected date of your bankruptcy discharge, if everything goes according to plan, it typically takes 90 days to 12 months to get your case approved. However, if a debtor fails to comply with certain specific court orders and instructions during the proceedings, their bankruptcy discharge can be delayed, or even suspended. Contact your bankruptcy lawyer and inquire about making all the requirements, to ensure your case is on the right track.

When will I receive my bankruptcy discharge papers?

Depending on the bankruptcy plan you filed for, here is how long you will most likely have to wait to get your discharge papers.

  1. Chapter 7 bankruptcy: In case no circumstance happens to cause a delay in discharge, it commonly takes 3-4 months to receive the appropriate documentation.
  2. Chapter 13 bankruptcy: After you have successfully made all repayment plan installments, it usually takes between six and eight weeks to receive your discharge papers.

How to ensure my bankruptcy gets discharged, rather than dismissed?

According to the consumer bankruptcy filings statistics, 2017 was the year when over 700,00 bankruptcies were declared. Although that number is, luckily, the result of a steady decline since 2011, bankruptcies are still a reality. They require legal actions only the competent, experienced lawyers can provide. Finding a bankruptcy representative in Chula Vista who can successfully guide you through the entire bankruptcy process is what you can do to turn the situation around.

Professional legal advice and assistance: #1 Chula Vista bankruptcy attorneys are here to help

It’s good to know what you can expect after your bankruptcy is discharged, but first, you need to ensure it gets there. Searching for the most reliable Chula Vista bankruptcy lawyer is no longer a time-consuming, demanding task. With professional assistance coming from two expert bankruptcy lawyers with years of experience in the field, you are sure to give your case a boost that will take it in the right direction.

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