How Filing for Bankruptcy in California Can Help You

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Many of our clients worry about the possible negative outcomes of a bankruptcy declaration, such as inability to obtain credit or loss of assets. But when you are facing financial crisis and you have exhausted all your other options, bankruptcy may be your only source of relief from mounting debt and creditors’ threats.

Fortunately, many of the things you hear about filing bankruptcy simply are not true. The benefits of finding debt relief through bankruptcy almost always far outweigh the risks. If you live in the San Diego & Riverside County area and need legal assistance that is focused on helping you achieve your goals of financial freedom, contact the bankruptcy attorneys at Chang & Diamond, APC.

Protection You Need

We understand that you have priorities, goals, and needs. You want to protect your home. You need your vehicle to drive to work and fear repossession. At Chang & Diamond, APC, we can help you evaluate your assets and debt and stop wage garnishment and foreclosure proceedings through an automatic stay, a process that results from your declaration of Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

We are happy to determine which type of bankruptcy your are eligible for, and which one can protect your, your home and your family the mst efferctively.

Improved Credit

Perhaps you have been fooled by the illusion of good credit simply because you own a credit card or can obtain a car loan due to your debt to income ratio. You probably also have heard that after declaring bankruptcy, your credit is shot. This is simply not the case. On the contrary, filing bankruptcy provides you with the opportunity to begin to build credit. You can only improve your credit score over time.

For example, Chapter 7 bankruptcy guarantees prompt qualification for a credit card, providing you pay your mortgagae or rent regularly. On the other hand, Chapter 13 bankruptcy helps you keep your home, and reorganize your debts so that is paid off in 3 -5 years, during which you can qualify for smaller loans. Let our attorneys work with you on a plan that discharges debt and helps you keep your most important assets.

An End to Harassment

One of the most debilitating aspects of incurring a high amount of debt is harassment. Our lawyers understand the emotional toll this takes on you over time, leaving you unable to make any change for the better. When you declare bankruptcy, harassing letters and calls from creditors stop. Let our attorneys provide you with the means of stopping such threats.

For more information on the benefits of declaring bankruptcy, contact the attorneys at Chang & Diamond, APC, today and schedule a free initial consulting session.

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