It is often said that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. However, when it comes to filing for a bankruptcy plan, does this rule really apply? Although hiring the best bankruptcy attorney in San Diego is sure to be of great help for your case, do you really need a lawyer to file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy? Here is what the professionals have to say.

Do I need a lawyer to file Chapter 7?

According to the United States Bankruptcy Court regulations, individual or pro se filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is legally allowed. On the other hand, the consequences of filing without an experienced attorney on your side can be severe if the case isn’t handled appropriately. This is the main reason why no court or professional legal firm will ever recommend such an option to any debtor.

Your financial and legal security must always come first. Choosing safety over independence is crucial in any court-related situation, and the bankruptcy cases are no exception.

What should I bring to a bankruptcy consultation?

Coming in for your first bankruptcy consultation, you may feel a bit concerned and confused, not knowing what to expect from your attorney. The key to a successful meeting is always good preparation, and bankruptcy-related meetings ask for the same approach.

Here are several things you should prepare beforehand, to make sure your bankruptcy consultation is as brief and as informative as possible, both for yourself and your attorney.

  1. Prepare a list of questions you wish to ask. A bankruptcy consultation is a time when you can be completely open, as your attorney will be ready to address any concerns you might have. If you’re wondering if bankruptcies are public record, whether you are eligible for the Chapter 13 plan, or what happens with your property after your case is discharged or dismissed, share your thoughts with your legal representative.
  2. To make sure they’re adequately informed about the state of your financial affairs, your lawyer will need you to provide proof of income, income tax returns, list of all debts, and the list of monthly household expenses. If any additional documentation is required for your next meeting, your attorney will inform you about it during your first consultation.

Can you be denied Chapter 7?

As your Chapter 7 filing can be denied, it’s important to remain honest, open, and cooperative during the entire process. Make sure to hire and consult a dependable, seasoned attorney, and your bankruptcy filing will be safe and in accordance with the law.

Risking your financial future should definitely not be an option. Hiding information about your property and/or financial records, giving false statements, or violating specific court orders are only some of the reasons why your bankruptcy case might go south really quickly.

Experienced San Diego bankruptcy attorneys offer first-class legal advice and representation

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