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We, Chang & Diamond, have assembled a team of experienced, knowledgeable, and qualified bankruptcy attorneys in Imperial Beach, CA. You can count on us to provide expertise-based guidance through all the steps in your proceedings. We foster a tailor-made approach and we take your specific circumstances into account when designing a unique strategy for your situation. This way, we manage to strengthen your claim and grant you maximized benefits of bankruptcy.

We’re every step of the way to your financial freedom

Rest assured our bankruptcy lawyers in Imperial Beach, CA will handle every detail of your case. We’ll schedule an initial consultation to get familiar with your unique situation. From there, we’ll continue with preparing all the documentation and filing it at the court on time and according to pertinent deadlines. We’ll also deal with your creditors in your stead and offer a chance to communicate with a native Spanish speaker if that’s your mother tongue.

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This was the best experience I could have imagined with a bankruptcy attorney. I had been ill and Chang & Diamond took care of everything for me. They went far and above the course of duty to make this an easy process. I didn’t know a law office would actually take the time to be so courteous and show a personal interest. I would recommend Chang & Diamond to anyone who has bankruptcy needs. The entire office was exceedingly kind and efficient.
-CC, San Marcos
5/5 Stars on Yelp – They earned it. This firm made the BK process smooth and stress free. We initially met with Steve Diamond, who was professional and very helpful. The staff communicated with us via phone and emails for necessary documents. Richard Chang represented our case. In our opinion, Mr Chang was most prepared and confident attorney we witnessed in the hearings. The case took about 5 – 10 minutes. Thanks to all the staff for an excellent job.
Facing bankruptcy, we needed legal advice and a plan to avoid any missteps. Our attorney, Alison Maloof of Chang & Diamond, guided us through the process and was always available with answers to our questions. Richard Chang superbly represented us at the bankruptcy hearing. From start to finish the process went smoothly. Alison and Richard gave us our fresh start and we couldn’t be more grateful for all their efforts.
-Our very best, A & D

We’re here to explain all the steps in your bankruptcy process

We don’t just aim to represent you in front of the court and creditors and grant you the benefits of bankruptcy. Our bankruptcy lawyers from Imperial Beach also want to explain all the essential terms regarding bankruptcy, such as repossession, wage garnishments, automatic stay, foreclosure, as well as the difference between dischargeable and non-dischargeable debt. This way, we’re doing our part in preparing you for your post-bankruptcy life and helping you organize your finances better.

You can count on our professional assistance in the entire region

Our legal firm doesn’t just offer expertise-based services near your location in Imperial Beach, CA, but you can also enlist our assistance for your bankruptcy in all other nearby areas. We’ve established several satellite offices throughout the area, allowing you to schedule a consultation at your convenience at any one of them. What’s more, we also employ traveling bankruptcy lawyers who cover the entire region of Southern California and offer assistance along the way.

We’re your go-to bankruptcy attorneys in Imperial Beach, CA

We deal in bankruptcy and nothing else. We’re not a one-stop shop for all things legal, but rather a specialized firm with the focus of helping individuals across Imperial Beach, CA and other nearby areas reach stable financial ground. Our bankruptcy lawyers possess vast knowledge of pertinent laws and rules, allowing them to help you choose the right form of bankruptcy for your individual situation and offer professional advice through the proceedings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I know about bankruptcy?

Some of the most important things you should know about bankruptcy before hiring an expert attorney near your location in Imperial Beach, CA are:

  • Bankruptcy provides a resolution to your financial situation. Filing is a good thing and not a failure.
  • It will help you eliminate the majority of your debt and allow you to start fresh.
  • You’ll get to keep all or most of your property.
  • You need to be completely honest about your debt, assets, and income.
  • It will prevent the creditors from going after you.

When should I file bankruptcy?

If you’re unsure when it’s time for you to hire an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Imperial Beach, CA, and start filing your claim, some of the telltale signs that point to serious financial problems are:

  • You find yourself unable to pay your bills.
  • It’s difficult to afford basic necessities.
  • You’re beginning to loan money from people close to you.
  • Creditors are constantly trying to make collection actions against you.
  • You’re using credit cards for daily spending.
  • Lawsuits are starting to come in.
  • You’re experiencing wage garnishments.
  • You’re facing foreclosure.

Should I try to avoid bankruptcy?

No, you shouldn’t attempt to avoid bankruptcy, you should file it as soon as you notice you’re experiencing severe financial difficulties. Hiring a reputable bankruptcy attorney near your location in Imperial Beach and filing as soon as possible will grant you the following benefits:

  • Prevention of property repossession.
  • Debt elimination.
  • Stopping wage garnishments and collection actions.
  • Keeping your assets.
  • Financial freedom.

How can hiring a bankruptcy attorney help me?

Some of the biggest reasons for hiring a qualified bankruptcy lawyer to help you file in San Marcos, CA, are:

  • They’re familiar with the legal system.
  • They’re able to negotiate better terms.
  • They’ll handle all the documentation and meet all the deadlines.
  • They’ll provide legal and financial advice.
  • They’ll deal with your creditors so you don’t have to.
  • They’ll grant you peace of mind.

Who are the most renowned bankruptcy lawyers near me in Imperial Beach, CA, and the nearby area?

Chang & Diamond is a law office that focuses on providing our clients with a tailored experience throughout the entire bankruptcy process until you attain financial freedom again. This approach is what ranks us among the most respected bankruptcy attorneys in San Diego, CA and all of its nearby areas, including Imperial Beach, CA.

We’ll handle every single step of your proceedings, from assembling the necessary documentation to submitting it at the court of law and providing all the necessary advice as your case progresses. With us at your side, you’ll soon be able to enjoy the Carrillo Ranch Historic Park and the Elfin Forest again. Besides serving Imperial Beach, we can also help you:

Just give us a call and we’ll explain everything at our free consultation.