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Do you need a break? Your financial situation is getting out of hand and you are overwhelmed by debt. Although you have a well-paying job, you may have overlooked your ability to pay all your creditors on time. Now your creditors are hounding you night and day, and you feel that it’s just a matter of time before you can’t take it anymore.

What you need is some breathing space and a chance to adjust your payments so that they can match your income. The experienced bankruptcy attorneys at Chang & Diamond can analyze your debt, income, and assets. They’ll take care of each step and file for bankruptcy in La Mesa on your behalf and provide you with expert legal representation.

Entrust your case to dependable bankruptcy attorneys

Whether you want to go with Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 or you’re not sure which path to take, visiting La Mesa bankruptcy lawyers today is the first step toward improving the quality of your life and well-being, until you can settle with your creditors or eliminate your debt completely.

With our help, you can impose a plan on your creditors that will best serve to manage your debt. You’ll also be able to get rid of any dischargeable debt that you were unable to pay.

What our satisfied clients have to say

This was the best experience I could have imagined with a bankruptcy attorney. I had been ill and Chang & Diamond took care of everything for me. They went far and above the course of duty to make this an easy process. I didn’t know a law office would actually take the time to be so courteous and show a personal interest. I would recommend Chang & Diamond to anyone who has bankruptcy needs. The entire office was exceedingly kind and efficient.
-CC, San Marcos
5/5 Stars on Yelp – They earned it. This firm made the BK process smooth and stress free. We initially met with Steve Diamond, who was professional and very helpful. The staff communicated with us via phone and emails for necessary documents. Richard Chang represented our case. In our opinion, Mr Chang was most prepared and confident attorney we witnessed in the hearings. The case took about 5 – 10 minutes. Thanks to all the staff for an excellent job.
Facing bankruptcy, we needed legal advice and a plan to avoid any missteps. Our attorney, Alison Maloof of Chang & Diamond, guided us through the process and was always available with answers to our questions. Richard Chang superbly represented us at the bankruptcy hearing. From start to finish the process went smoothly. Alison and Richard gave us our fresh start and we couldn’t be more grateful for all their efforts.
-Our very best, A & D

Your expert bankruptcy lawyers in La Mesa simplify the whole process

Deciding which bankruptcy to file for shouldn’t be on your plate. Let the bankruptcy attorneys in La Mesa do that work for you. We are by your side every step of the way giving you comprehensive advice. Don’t shy away from approaching us and seeking our advice to declare bankruptcy for it may be the best decision you’ve ever made. We’ll handle gathering the required documents, filing them on time, and representing you in court all the way to financial freedom.

Entrust your bankruptcy case to trustworthy attorneys

Did you know that some debts are of higher priority than others? This is the information your bankruptcy attorney uses to give you the most precise possible counsel. We’ll help you decide on the best course of action and handle every aspect of your bankruptcy case. You can schedule your free initial consultation in La Mesa at your convenience. You can also count on our assistance across the region as well as online.

Let your bankruptcy lawyer in La Mesa get you to the finish line

Whatever you need throughout the entire bankruptcy process, we’ve got it covered. Thanks to our ample experience and expertise, we have what it takes to provide you with a solution to your financial troubles. Your trusted bankruptcy attorneys will give you the support you need from start to finish. We’ll take your specific situation and needs into consideration and assist you in finding the best route to stress-free finances.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should you file for bankruptcy?

If you’ve been experiencing financial difficulties with no end in sight, it may be time to consider hiring a dependable bankruptcy lawyer and filing for bankruptcy. Here’s what may tell you it’s time to go the bankruptcy route:

  • Unpaid bills are piling up.
  • Even basic necessities are becoming too expensive for you.
  • You can’t pay off your credit card debt.
  • You’ve been borrowing money and can’t pay it back.

How do you choose a reliable bankruptcy attorney?

When looking for the best bankruptcy lawyer in La Mesa, you should search for professionals with years of experience. Also, they should specialize in bankruptcy matters and have positive reviews and client testimonials.

What happens once you file for bankruptcy?

When you file for bankruptcy, automatic stay comes into effect. This will stop creditors from collecting and the court will discharge some or all of your debts. To ensure you get the most benefits from bankruptcy, it’s important to hire a reliable attorney. Feel free to schedule a no-charge consultation with our experts and find out how they can help you.

When can you expect your debts to be discharged?

We at Chang & Diamond specialize in bankruptcy and can help you through all the stages of your proceeding all the way until you reach financial freedom. With our guidance and expert assistance, you’ll enjoy stress-free time at Grossmont Center in no time.

You can count on our expertise not only in La Mesa but in the nearby cities as well. We can:

Don’t hesitate to contact us and start the journey toward debt-free life!