Why You Need A Bankruptcy Lawyer In San Marcos

Are you undergoing tough financial times? Has the debt you owe become too much? Your creditors are closing in, and you are left with only one option; to declare bankruptcy. However, since your financial situation is dire, you are thinking of filing the bankruptcy plea yourself.

The concept of not wanting to add more expenses to an already complex financial situation is understandable. However, the process involves several difficulties which may prove daunting to someone who is inexperienced. What you need is a Chang & Diamond, APC, bankruptcy lawyer to walk with you and help you ease this burden.

Below are some reasons why you need to hire bankruptcy lawyers in San Marcos.

Should you file for Bankruptcy?

In times like these when creditors are harassing you with phone calls and letters threatening to foreclose your house or repossess your car, you may not think clearly. This external pressure may cause you to surrender and comply with whatever terms your creditors give you.

While it may occur to you like you have exhausted your options, there is always the possibility that another option best suits your situation.

At Chang & Diamond, APC, our lawyers will listen to your story, evaluate your options and advise on the best course of action to proceed. At times, it doesn’t have to result in filing for bankruptcy. However, when it comes down to it, our San Marcos bankruptcy lawyers have all the knowledge, competence and experience to file for bankruptcy and relieve you of your burden.

Chapter 7 or Chapter 13

Let’s assume that you were to file for bankruptcy by yourself. Under which chapter of the bankruptcy code would you file? Even though you may have read somewhere about the qualification criteria, how would you know if you are eligible?

The beauty of having our San Marcos bankruptcy attorneys is that although your situation is unique to you, it is impossible that it is unique to us. We have experience with all different kinds of cases, and knowledge on how best to go about any bankruptcy situation.

You might be positively surprised, about what you may qualify for in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. If you earn above the state median, you can easily file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy with us.

You Stand Better Chances

As you are well aware, it is not mandatory to have a bankruptcy lawyer when filing for bankruptcy. However, it much easier said than done, defending oneself in a bankruptcy court case. You have to learn how to fill the bankruptcy forms accurately, learn the bankruptcy basics, research the exemptions in your state and then follow the rules and procedures to complete the case.

If all these are not executed properly, you run the risk of being denied. Why go through all that hassle while our lawyers can handle the process effortlessly without compromising your chances of debt relief? Increase your odds of winning that bankruptcy case with our San Marcos bankruptcy lawyers today, and take back control over your finances.

With the vast knowledge and experience of our lawyers at Chang & Diamond, APC, you can rest assured that your bankruptcy case is in the right hands.

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