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At Chang & Diamond, APC, in San Diego & Riverside County, California, we work to dispel the stigma of bankruptcy. Many myths still exist regarding bankruptcy declarations—our aim is to clear up the misinformation, inform our clients of the benefits of filing for personal bankruptcy, and provide legal service that is caring and comprehensive.

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“We were treated with respect and understanding given the trauma of bankruptcy. The staff quickly answered our questions and the help given guided us through the tribulations of filing with care and concern. Richard Chang calmed and advised each of us at the hearings and was very well prepared for the courts questions. We had the most professional team and staff of experts working for me. It was money well invested. We will definitely refer them to others.”—San Diego

Our Attorneys

Our bankruptcy lawyers Richard Chang and Steven Diamond have worked together since 1995, and started Chang & Diamond, APC, their firm in 1998. We practice out of a central San Diego & Riverside County office with numerous satellite offices throughout Southern California to maximize our accessibility to a broad range of clients for your benefit.

Our Practice Areas

At Chang & Diamond, APC, we focus our practice on debt relief through personal bankruptcy. We provide all-inclusive client services in the following areas: Chapter 7 bankruptcy; Chapter 13 bankruptcy; recovery from bankruptcy; asset protection and exemptions; foreclosure, repossession, and harassment; and bankruptcy during divorce. Discover how we can help you find financial security.

Our Commitment

At Chang & Diamond, APC, we provide informative, accessible, and capable affordable service to our bankruptcy clients. We work closely with our clients through the entire process. All we need to start your case is your attention and cooperation.

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