Filing bankruptcy is usually the last measure for tackling your debt. Due to the complexity of the issue, hiring the right attorney to guide you through the bankruptcy procedure is essential. It is a demanding task, but luckily, seasoned BK lawyers have prepared fantastic steps for finding a bankruptcy attorney which will surely shorten the selection process.

Once you’ve made your choice, you will need to prepare for your consultation by understanding what you should ask your bankruptcy lawyer. Learning what filing Chapter 7 entails and what happens when you file Chapter 13 before the proceedings will also be invaluable.

How to find a bankruptcy attorney?

When it comes to hiring an attorney to help you resolve such a severe situation, you don’t want to cut corners. It’s better to invest some extra time and effort into finding a proper attorney than having to deal with repercussions of an incompetent lawyer doing a poor job representing you in court. To eliminate that possibility, the selection process should comprise several stages. Luckily, there are numerous sources where you can find bankruptcy attorneys available to you.

How to find potential bankruptcy attorney candidates?

  1. Ask friends and family

    Your first stop en route to finding the right attorney. It’s very likely that some of your relatives, close friends or acquaintances have been in a similar situation, so it wouldn’t be hard for them to recommend someone. This way, you can gather useful information, such as the outcome, the fees, and the attorney’s personality.

  2. Browse attorney websites

    The Internet enables you to compare a vast number of operating attorneys. The websites provide you with their bio, track record, as well as a way to contact them. Pay close attention to whether or not the website is well organized, if there are any typos, and if the content is comprehensible and informative, since this can speak volumes about the attorney’s organization.

  3. Check out client reviews

    While browsing the web, don’t forget to go through all the previous experiences clients have had with the attorney you’re exploring. Apart from the settlements of their bankruptcy cases, you should also find comments on the attorney’s responsibility, punctuality, and other vital aspects

  4. Turn to the bar association

    Your local bar association should have attorney directories you can search for licensed professionals in your area. This research method shouldn’t take too long because you can specify that you’re looking for a bankruptcy attorney, eliminating other fields of law.

Interviews with attorneys

After narrowing down your search and picking the candidates, the next phase can commence. Out of all the attorneys selected for the interviews, you will need to opt for one. So schedule the meetings and observe the attorneys’ mannerisms.

This method is directly related to the questions you are going to ask. Namely, you should take note of the way attorneys answer the questions, i.e., if there are signs that they are doing it reluctantly or if they are leaving some of the questions unanswered. This will help you determine the expertise of the prospects, as well as their willingness to fully commit themselves to your case.

Last but not least, ask relevant questions. A skilled attorney who will handle your bankruptcy case needs to offer clear answers to questions such as:

What are the pros and cons of filing bankruptcy?

When will my case be settled?

Should I expect any difficulties throughout the process?

Making the decision

Finally, you will need to take everything you have found out about your candidates into account when choosing which one to hire. Feel free to take out a piece of paper and list the strengths and weaknesses of each one. This will facilitate the final stage of the process, and help you bring it to an end.

Now that you have a bankruptcy attorney by your side, you can enter into an agreement stipulating the terms of the representation and begin to address the issue at hand.

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