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Most people get confused whenever their debts begin piling up and become unmanageable. Although filing for bankruptcy might seem like an very terrifying and intimidating idea, it often causes more harm than good not to declare it. As a resident of Clairemont Mesa, you can now stop worrying if you are indebted because Chang & Diamond, APC are here to help you. With the use of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, we can assist in cutting down your debts without necessarily losing your assets.

Choosing the type of bankruptcy that suits you

Before you file for bankruptcy, you are required to make a lot of decisions – and the right ones too. Of course, you are unlikely to make appropriate decisions without the help of an experienced attorney, like those from Chang &Diamond, given the complexities of the bankruptcy code. Our Clairemont Mesa bankruptcy attorneys are dedicated to providing our clients with the needful legal advice they require to turn their financial situations around. We will not strong-arm you into anything, but rather allow you to choose the best option based on the solid advice and planning that we provide.

We explain to you in detail how filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy will help you reduce all your debts while ensuring that you maintain your assets, including homes and cars. We also walk you through the importance of filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcies in eliminating medical and credit card debts, especially if you have a moderate income and few assets. Along with this, we help you understand how these two types of bankruptcies can affect your future.

How Chang & Diamond, APC stands out from the rest

No-obligation initial consultation

You may wonder why we decided to offer free initial bankruptcy consultation. The simple reason is that we sympathize with the hardworking residents of Clairemont Mesa that are still struggling with financial problems even after the recession. During our first consultation, we get the chance to review your information and request for additional facts to help us come up with a feasible plan to help you get out of debts smoothly.


Our legal services are structured in a way that maximizes convenience for our clients. We know the kind of pressure you already have, and that’s why we strive to make the whole process as easy, quick and painless as possible. We formulate and execute plans quickly so as to solve your problems and let you move towards financial independence effortlessly. Note that we do all this without compromising the quality and efficiency of our representation.

Prompt response

We boast of an excellent reputation mainly because we assure our clients that they will remain our primary focus from the moment we take their case, until the end. For this reason, we are dedicated to returning your calls and emails as fast as possible. In fact, the latest we will get back to you is within a day, if not just in a few hours.

If you are heavily in debt and want to place yourself on the path to a brighter financial future as well as rebuild your credit, don’t hesitate to contact your Clairemont Mesa bankruptcy attorneys. We will arrange for an appointment time that is suitable for you so that we give you the advice you need, and bring you the tremendous relief you have been longing for.

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