If thoughts of filing for bankruptcy have started emerging, you should not fear, as there is nothing to dread, but rather prepare for a bankruptcy consultation. You need to know what questions to ask your bankruptcy attorney in order to learn what to expect from a bankruptcy lawyer.

Also, you have to ask what it is you should bring to a bankruptcy consultation in order to provide your lawyer with the best possible insight into your financial situation. However, let us first take a closer look at what you should ask your bankruptcy lawyer in San Diego.

What questions should I ask at a bankruptcy consultation?

In order to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the most important questions to ask a bankruptcy attorney working under the California Department of Justice, we’ve done two things. Firstly, we’ve divided the questions into two articles and secondly, we’ve divided them by category.

To begin with, let us see what to ask to establish that the attorney you’re thinking of hiring is a good choice for you:

  1. How much experience have you got handling bankruptcy cases? – You want a lawyer who’s got plenty of experience in bankruptcy law. A minimum of three years’ experience is a must if you want your case handled adequately.
  2. Have you handled cases similar to mine? – Secondly, next to general experience with bankruptcy cases, you want a lawyer who’s handled cases similar to yours. Nothing beats experience with similar cases.
  3. Should I even be filing for bankruptcy? – Who knows, maybe there are different options for you. Perhaps you shouldn’t be filing for bankruptcy at all, but rather take a different course of action. Be sure to inquire about your options.
  4. How would we communicate? – A professional bankruptcy attorney is prepared to keep in touch with the client on a regular basis and have several lines of communication constantly open. A good lawyer needs to keep you in the loop with all the developments in your case.
  5. Who will be handling my case? – When you go in for a consultation, you’ll usually speak to an attorney, but there is no guarantee that the attorney you speak with will be the attorney actually handling your case. And you have to know who the person you’ll be working with is.
  6. What is your fee? – Now, we come to the topic of finances. It’s normal to want to know how much you’ll be paying for the services of a bankruptcy attorney. Breaking the bank is not an option, but it is usually a wise choice to pay a little extra for good legal representation.
  7. What’s included in your fee? – You need to know if payments involve only the services of legal representation or if they will cover court fees, possible travel expenses, associates’ work, etc. Bottom line – you have to know what it is you’re actually paying for.
  8. Do you offer any payment plans? – If you’re strapped for cash, you definitely have to know what kind of pricing model your attorney uses. As you’ll probably not be paying in cash, ask the bankruptcy lawyer how you could go about handling the charges.
  9. Will we sign a written agreement? – Finally, when trying to find a good bankruptcy lawyer, never rely on anything other than a written agreement. A formal agreement should always be written, protecting both you and the lawyer from potential difficulties.


“Where can I find a reputable bankruptcy lawyer in San Diego to handle my case?”

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