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If the thought of declaring Chapter 7 bankruptcy seems too drastic and you feel you can pay off your debt over time if given the chance, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be the option for you.

At Chang & Diamond, APC, our attorneys understand your desire to pay off your debt and honor your obligations. Schedule a free consultation today to find out if you qualify for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Consolidation, Not Liquidation

Unlike Chapter 7 bankruptcy where your unsecured debt is discharged, Chapter 13 bankruptcy reorganizes your debt so that you can make more manageable payments through debt consolidation.

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When you visit one of our Southern California law offices to speak with a lawyer about Chapter 13 bankruptcy, we will analyze your debt, assets, and income. We use a means test to figure out if you can pay off your unsecured debt within the next three to five years. Debt repayment is not a dream, with the right help it can become a reality that brings immediate debt reliefstops foreclosure, and ends harassment. “We could not have been happier with our experience in working with Chang & Diamond.

Our attorneys were very professional, always helpful, quick to answer and address all of our concerns, even months after our initial filing when we received paperwork from one or another creditor. We would not hesitate to recommend Chang & Diamond to anyone considering or ready to file bankruptcy. It is certainly not the easiest life experience to go through, but if you do go through it, you need someone experienced, friendly and professional to help guide you through. The staff and team at Chang & Diamond are exceptional.”—Very Grateful, San Diego

The Truth about Private Debt Consolidation Companies

You may ask, “Can’t I do the same thing through a debt consolidation company and avoid the stigma of declaring bankruptcy?” While this is an option, we at Chang & Diamond, APC, frequently counsel clients that private debt consolidation often only makes the situation worse. Unlike Chapter 13 bankruptcy, debt consolidation through a private company does not guarantee debt relief within three to five years. Private debt consolidation companies are typically underwritten by the banks you already owe—there is an inherent conflict in this kind of arrangement that results in huge fees. Furthermore, Chapter 13 bankruptcy will put an end to creditor harassment and the threat of repossession and foreclosure—private companies cannot promise this. In our experience helping clients find debt relief, we have never seen a single success story when people have opted to have their debt consolidated through a private company. Why take the risk?

If you are drowning in a sea of debt and unable to recover on your own, declaring bankruptcy is the best deal you will ever get. Let our Escondido bankruptcy lawyer help you reorganize your debt through debt consolidation plans. Contact us today.

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