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You work hard to raise your children and provide a stable home for them for yourself and your family. However, sometimes circumstances beyond your control threaten your security. Your financial losses can be the result of many causes—an unexpected illness or layoff has forced you to deplete your savings and rely on credit cards. Perhaps you just made too many extravagant purchases. Now you find yourself hounded by creditors with threats of car repossession or even foreclosure on your house losses, garnishments, or levees on your personal property.

When financial ruin stares you in the face with these threats to your financial security, the fear can be debilitating. But there is hope. If you live in Southern California and your financial situation has become serious, declaring Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be the answer for you. Contact Chang & Diamond, APC, in San Diego & Riverside County, California, for answers to your questions, pursuit of a brighter future, and an end to harassment. Tomorrow really can be a new day.

“Thank you for your support, understanding, and help through such a difficult time in our lives. We greatly appreciate everything that you were able to help us through.”
—Stacy, San Diego

Saying Goodbye to Debt

Many people have fears about consumer bankruptcy. Let our attorneys work with you to ease your worries. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is sometimes often the first, best step to financial recovery and a fresh start. When you declare Chapter 7 bankruptcy, discharging your unsecured debt is discharged and any nonexempt retaining your assets are liquidated is our goal for you. In most cases, a person filing bankruptcy can keep all of their assets

When you visit our San Diego & Riverside County office, we will discuss various options with you, answer your questions, and even help you devise a plan for asset protection and exemption.

Stopping Creditor Actions

We understand your frustration. Calls from creditors hounding you to pay them, or threatening you with wage garnishments, levees, car repossession, or foreclosure on your house home—all adding to the misery you already feel. At Chang & Diamond, APC, we focus on possibility, not futility—prosperity, not loss. Declaring Chapter 7 bankruptcy can put an immediate stop to the harassment and threats and give you peace of mind.

Making a Fresh Start

Emerging from debt with better credit after declaring personal bankruptcy is not merely a pipedream—it’s a reality achieved by many of our clients. Speak with our attorneys today to qualify for a fresh start clear of unwanted debts.

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