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Debt Negotiation

While filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a good option for some people, not everyone can qualify. There are other options that can give you a better financial future. Debt negotiation is one of them. A skilled attorney can negotiate with your creditors and seek better payment terms, interest rates and even a lump sum payment that is less than what you owe.

Our San Diego debt negotiation lawyers at Chang & Diamond, APC, can effectively negotiate with creditors on your behalf. We will seek the best outcome possible in order to make your life easier. Contact our San Diego Bankruptcy Law Firm so we can discuss your individual case and how debt negotiation can help lead you to a fresh financial start.

How Debt Negotiation Can Work for You

Creditors are more willing to negotiate than you think. Creditors are just looking to be paid and they do not want to risk not ever being paid. Most people do not realize that creditors will settle for an amount that is less than the original debt owed.

Often times the older the debt, the more likely a creditor will consider debt negotiation. An extra advantage of debt negotiation is that it is not part of the public record. With the skill of an experienced debt negotiation attorney at Chang & Diamond, you can feel more financially free.

Debts that can be negotiated include:

  • Payments owed on credit cards
  • Department store and cell phone bills
  • Medical and hospital bills
  • Business debt

Debt consolidation agencies may offer to do the same and negotiate debt. However, there can be significant fees required before anything is even done. Rather than hiring a debt consolidation agency or trying to negotiate on your own, consider the help of an experienced legal professional.

In order to achieve a better outcome, some even consider repaying certain debts before filing for bankruptcy. However tempting it may be, many unforeseen consequences make this decision counterproductive. For example, you risk your credit card account being closed even if you repay the credit card. Also, not acquiring comprehensive information on the matter of dischargable debts may also cause additonal and unnecessary costs.

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