Relocating because of bankruptcy?

Relocating Because of Bankruptcy but want to Bring your car with you?

In life sometimes greener pastures across the pond can be a tempting proposition. In face according to official sources there are over 197,000 US born residents now living in the UK alone. Does that mean however, that you have to give up that big american gas guzzler or classic motor car you’ve loved for all these years?

Many makes and models are not available in other countries and it can be hard to adjust to those smaller European cars (a friend of mine laments giving up their G37 in favor of the practical Fiat) However for a price you can ship your car from USA to UK. To do so you will first want to visit the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admin to check if your shipping car service is licensed and if there has been any problems in the past.

Hot tip

If its feasible try shipping or transport your car in the winter, fewer people move this time of year so you may get a better rate!

What About Damage During Transit?

Depending on the shipper you may have a choice between uncovered & covered carriers. Uncovered will be cheaper but your car may be exposed to unsavory elements and may result in some minor damage. Covered obviously is the better choice but may be significantly more expensive (if you have a classic car, covered is most certainly the better option)

Will Insurance Cover this?

When choosing a shipping service do your due diligence and check the company’s insurance coverage. If its a decent company it will typically have something between $40,000 to $100,000 in amount covered. Read the fine print too if there are gaps in coverage it may be good to check with your individual insurance provider for peace of mind.

Pre-Shipping Inspection

Usually the company will inspect the car before it is loaded onto the vessel for any scratches or minor damages and will make a note of it. To prevent any headaches later be sure you too give your car a fine look-over and that you agree with their report. Use that smart phone and snap several photos of the car before it is shipped out to have further evidence in case the company attempts to gloss over any damage it sustained during the trip. Read about the many different types of ships that are go to the UK.

Vehicle History Matters

No car can leave the states if a lien is on it. Only military & government officials may move a car overseas with a lien on it. Otherwise the vehicle may be considered stolen. Your name must also be on the title as the registered owner if the car is still registered in any other name you may need to contact the original owner and get it signed back.

Is it Worth it?

While it can be a bit pricey to ship your car from the USA to the uk or many other countries ultimately the joy and satisfaction people derive from their vehicles prompts many to use a transport company to bring that 65 chevy with them on their next adventure in life.

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