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If you are in serious financial trouble and having trouble making ends meet, nothing is more damaging to your attempts to recover than pressure and threats. You have accumulated a significant amount of debt and do your best to pay the bills, but creditors harass you with threats to take action. The thought of losing your car to repossession or even your home to foreclosure can immobilize you and dampen your dreams of a financially secure future. At Chang & Diamond, APC, in San Diego & Riverside County, California, we work to put a stop to harassment, foreclosure, and repossession. Contact us today.

Bankruptcy as a Solution

If you are behind on mortgage or vehicle payments due to loss of income but have gone back to work, filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be the solution you have been looking for. When you declare under Chapter 13, your payments in arrears are consolidated with other debt so that you can make a fresh start. Bankruptcy filings give rise to an automatic stay. In other words, creditors are prevented from calling you, writing you, repossessing your car, or foreclosing on your property once you have declared bankruptcy.

Remember, bankruptcy is something that can happen to virtually everyone. The economic crisis has affected numerous people who don’t feel they have someone reliable to consult. They are afraid for the future of their family, concerned whether the stigma of bankruptcy is going to follow them from the day they declare bankruptcy, all of which clouds their judgment and make them susceptible to believing in widespread myths surrounding bankruptcy. That is why they often fall prey to advisors of questionable credentials whose false guidance can lead to further damages.

When you are facing bankruptcy, it is vital you keep yourself informed about the bankruptcy process and about your qualifications for filing for a specific type of bankruptcy. Consult our skilled bankruptcy attorneys before contacting debt consolidation agencies or deaaling with creditors. We can assist you in planning an effective srategy.


If you are still being harassed by creditors during the bankruptcy process, you can refer them to our attorneys. We are strong advocates on behalf of our clients. Let a lawyer deal with harassing creditors and alleviate the pressure you feel. For more information on the bankruptcy services we provide, set up a free initial consultation with Chang & Diamond, APC. Contact us today.

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