Prior to filing for a bankruptcy plan, you decided to schedule an appointment with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in San Diego and clear the air before the case goes any further. This is a very good decision that will surely greatly benefit your case. However, many debtors come to their first meeting insecure, so if you feel unsure what to say to your bankruptcy lawyer, here are a few guidelines that could help you start off your case the right way.

What to say to your bankruptcy lawyer? Tell them everything

Are you feeling anxious about your first appointment, unsure what to think and expect of it? You don’t know how to distinguish a bankruptcy dismissal from discharge? Stay strong and don’t give in to your fears. Telling your attorney every detail related to the case is essential and will prove beneficial in the long run.

Disclose all details related to your debts

What to say to your bankruptcy lawyer right off the bat? Provide every detail related to your debts: Who are your creditors, and how much do you owe to each of them? What is your relationship with them? Do you have any outstanding or potential lawsuits or claims against you? Do you have any co-signed debts?
Whatever information you may remember that is in any way potentially related to the state of your debt, must be disclosed in full. Don’t be afraid to tell it how it is, as your attorney can only provide the best advice and representation if they have a complete, transparent overview of the whole situation.

Provide information about your income

Every source of income yourself or your family members have must be disclosed in one of the first meetings with your bankruptcy attorney.
What to say to your bankruptcy lawyer when it comes to non-work related income sources such as VA benefits, disability income, child support, interest or dividends, unemployment benefits? As these also constitute as sources of income, make sure to mention each one that applies in your case.

Prepare a complete list of all assets you own

Do you own any real estate? Everything from residential or commercial properties and pieces of agricultural land, to aircraft hangars, rental properties or mobile home park spaces should be included in the list of assets you own, and your lawyer should know about them all. The same rule applies when it comes to owning a vehicle.
Avoiding to let your lawyer know about any of the assets you own leaves your defense vulnerable, putting you at risk of losing any undisclosed property in the process.

Give a complete list of all bank accounts you use

No matter how many bank accounts you have and where they are held, your attorney must be fully aware of all of them. Don’t miss to include one or two on the required list, since it may come at a price later on.
Remember that your attorney is there to help you, not to judge you. Hiding relevant information from them can hurt your case and affect the relationship that, to work well for you, must be based on complete trust.

With our help, both your information and your case will be safe and sound

Getting your lawyer up to speed is one of the first steps you must take before moving on with your bankruptcy case. If you are looking for professional, experienced, discreet attorneys to provide assistance and guide you to the successful closure of your bankruptcy case, the offices of Chang & Diamond APC, reliable bankruptcy lawyers, are the stop you should make. Contact us today, and schedule a free initial appointment.